Simon has been translating texts for our organization for several years. His services are quick, punctual and of the highest quality. His ability to provide first-rate translation towards both French and English makes things much easier. I wholly recommend Simon’s services!

– Stéphanie Chabot, director, Centre des arts actuels Skol



I have often worked with Simon both in my capacity as director of a non-profit organization and in my scholarly work. Simon is sensitive to the specificity of each project and its context, delivers promptly, and is always helpful and willing to engage in inspiring conversations about translation. I highly recommend working with him.

– Corrinn Gerber, author and curator



I was highly satisfied with Simon’s translation services. He quickly grasped the conceptual aspects of our text and thoroughly met the high expectations of our very fussy British editor! 

– Constance Tabary, journalist and independent researcher



Simon always provides a thorough, comprehensive and nuanced translation service for jobs both large and small, and consistently maintains this level of service even within time-sensitive scenarios and short deadlines.

– Jon Knowles, artist, publications coordinator, Phi Centre



Since 2011, Simon has frequently translated for our magazine. We always appreciate the meticulousness of his work on texts that are either poetic in nature, or dealing with philosophical and theoretical questions demanding great attention to detail. 

– François Lemieux, artist, editor, Le Merle



I appreciate enormously the opportunities I have had to work with Simon as a translator. It is with both great subtlety and accuracy that Simon captures the nuances of text.

– Dr. Fiona Annis, artist and teacher



Simon has two great qualities as a translator. Besides his total ease in both languages, he is, due to his art background, very sensitive to unconventional texts. This sensitivity allows him to go beyond mere translation towards an interpretation, accurate yet poetical, that is absolutely necessary to faithfully rendering of this kind of text. 

– Étienne Lafrance, artist



Simon’s translation work with us was remarkable. I would be remiss not to mention the rich complicity that developed between the three of us (author, editor, translator). We had involved discussions regarding concepts, keywords, and especially the interlinguistic gymnastics often necessary to fully rendering the subtleties of a text. 

– Alain-Martin Richard, artist and linguist



I’ve known Simon for several years and have been very pleased with his translations of my texts. His flexibility and willingness to discuss the trickier and more nuanced aspects of translation make working with him a real pleasure, and his deep understanding of the cultural sector guarantees that he will find le mot juste.

– Jo-Anne Balcaen, artist and translator



Simon’s play with poetic registers brings a sensitive subtlety to the task of the translator. 

– Dr. Felicity Tayler, artist, author, chief information officer, CRUM



Simon translated a project proposal I made to a media arts centre involving a complicated electronically controlled sound installation. I was delighted with the result: his translation conveyed the technical aspects of the project clearly and most importantly, the particular tone I was going for in the proposal.

– James Schidlowsky, composer and engineer



Simon is wonderful to work with, very responsive and always delivers on time. He has translated several long and complicated texts for our catalogues, and the quality of his translations is excellent.

– Kate Brayley, communications director, Galerie de Bellefeuille



Simon was great to work with on the adaptation of an English-language textual artwork towards a French version. He had many helpful suggestions about the use of language related to contemporary art intentionalities. 

– Tim Dallett, artist and cultural consultant



Simon is an exceptional translator. His work frames and amplifies what is. 

– Dr Alexandre St-Onge, artist and professor at Université Laval



Brown is not just the colour of chocolate, it’s a skilled translation attentively executed in kindness and linguistic delight.

– Nadège Grebmeier-Forget, artist and curator



Simon Brown’s translation of my essay captured every nuance in the most spirited and compelling way.

– Donigan Cumming, artist